Buying or Selling a Home in Boca Raton, Ft Lauderdale or Miami

When buying a home some buyers are anxious, uncomfortable
and often uncertain. We will make the experience enjoyable, bysold2
educating each buyer with the information necessary to make an excellent investment  decision.

From our initial contact we will continually reevaluate each step
of the buying process to ensure that your goals and
expectations for your “IDEAL” home will be met.

From our years of experience we are able to educate each
buyer on the surrounding area and the home buying process to
provide the basis for a comfortable, individualized well and informed transaction.

We thank you in advance for giving us the opportunity to work with you.

For more information please Contact Us.

If by chance you see a sign, property, see an open house, take a tour on the internet, read an ad in the paper, or see an advertisement in a magazine give us a call so we may provide you with the necessary information and the exceptional service you deserve!

When buying a home & obtaining a mortgage.

Personal Information
We will need to obtain yours and any other co-borrower’s Social Security number, age, number of years of schooling, number and ages of dependents, current address, and telephone number If you have lived at your current address less than two years, be prepared to furnish former addresses a 2 year period. You will also be asked to detail your current housing expenses, including rent or mortgage payments, real estate taxes, and insurance (your mortgage payment may include tax and insurance funds). You will need the name and address of your landlord(s) or mortgage company(ies) for the past two years.

Employment History & Sources Of Income
Your ability to make the monthly payments on the mortgage and to afford the costs associated with owning a home are primary considerations in our loan approval process and should be your primary concern. Required information includes:

  • At least two year’s employment history with employer’s name and address, your job title or position, length of time on the job, salary, bonuses, commissions, and average overtime pay.
  • Recent paycheck stubs and Federal W-2 forms for two years and perhaps full Federal tax returns.
  • Records of dividends and interest received from investments.
  • If you are self-employed, full tax returns and financial statements for two years, plus a profit and loss statement for the current year to date.
  • A written explanation if there are gaps in your employment record due to circumstances such as illness or layoffs, or for any other reason.
    We will have you sign a Verification of Employment (VOE) form or a general credit authorization form. This will be sent to your employer to verify your employment and earnings. One will be sent to previous employers if you have been on the job less than two years.

If you are relying on income from other sources, such as rental property, Social Security, disability payments, child support, etc., you must provide adequate proof of the source. Appropriate documents could include cancelled checks, copies of leases, Federal tax returns, certification of benefits, divorce decrees, and similar evidence.